If anyone ever tells you a dog gets one free dog bite this is a false statement of law. I’ve read many writings on the web which say a dog gets a free dog bite. In conducting thousands of interviews I have heard in numerous interviews the prospective client tell me that the insurance adjuster told them that a dog gets a “one free dog bite,” to convey the message – go away you have no case. Imagine the hundreds of millions of dollars, liability insurance carriers have saved with this false propaganda. Collectively, insurance companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to propagate their brain washing hash tags; if you hear it enough it must be true! Have you ever heard these untruths:

  • If YOU make a claim YOUR rates go up.
  • If YOU make a claim YOUR insurance company will drop YOU.
  • If YOU award money to a SOMEONE ELSE, YOUR rates will go up.
  • Only GREEDY PEOPLE make insurance claims (meaning you are not a greedy person so don’t make a claim).
  • Only BAD PEOPLE make insurance claims (meaning you are not a bad person, so don’t make a claim).
  • If YOU make a claim YOU won’t be able to get insurance coverage.

In the Information War, as I sought to educate the public on the subject of dog bite liability and damages, insurance companies and their associations paid money to the search engines for a link on the start page to disseminate its “educational program” as though it was from a legitimate credible news source. Now according to insurance company lobby money topped $111,439,867 in 2016, down from $157,514,782 in 2015. I guess when you already obtained almost everything you want there is no reason to spend an extra 45 million.

Be wise and get understanding; DON”T BELIEVE THE LIE.