Dog Biting Laws: Separating Fighting Dogs

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Written By Bruce Thabit

Bruce Thabit is the owner of and has counseled numerous dog bite victims and their families. A recognized authority on dog bite law. A skilled, knowledgeable, experienced civil litigator since 1988. Call toll free number for free consult: Telephone: 1-844-444-0449.

Date September 21, 2016

Dog Biting Laws: Separating Fighting Dogs

Dog biting laws permit meritorious dogbite claims where an injury is caused by separating fighting dogs. Perhaps your dog is attacked by another dog and you have to rescue your pet and separate them and you get bit in the hands. Or maybe you’re a house guest and you have to separate the owner’s dogs and get injured. Dogbite injuries caused from separating fighting dogs are a common occurrence.

Hand bites are particularly nasty because of the high risk of infection causing lost time from work and physical impairments.

You can expect insurance adjusters to deny such a claim under the pretext that you caused your own injury. They will tell you it is your fault. They will “guilt” you to go away. But you have a meritorious claim! The insurance company just doesn’t want to pay money and will blame you when the purpose of the policy is to underwrite exactly these kinds of risks; a dog bite!

It frequently happens that when dogs fight with one another and to prevent death to one of the animals and serious injuries people have to intervene. Now we know that many of these fights involve a dog which is not on a leash so it can’t be pulled away. There is a risk of injury that may be unavoidable.  Just because you separate dogs fighting doesn’t mean you are barred from making an insurance claim whether it is on the medical portion of a policy and its liability portion.

Under the rescue doctrine you have a right to come to your dog’s side and rescue it from injury.  Assert your legal rights and don’t be a victim.

There is wisdom in the Proverb 26:17.  [Like] grabbing a dog by the ears, [so] is a bystander who gets involved in someone else’s quarrel. But do not forget Proverb 12:10. A wise man regards the life of his beast.



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