Dog Bites and Car Insurance

What do dog bites and car insurance have to do with one another? On this subject have you ever heard of a dog in a car or truck biting a person not in that vehicle?

Here is the scenario and real cases we have settled. The dog owner is shopping and the car’s window is rolled down or the dog is in the bed of a truck. The victim walks by the car window or truck bed and the dog bites that person. It usually is in the face. Ouch! You may make a claim for the dog bite against the carrier who wrote the car insurance policy. If you bit by a dog in this manner, call the police to write a police report.

You may also make an insurance claim against the dog owner’s homeowners’ insurance policy or tenant’s insurance policy. If the truck is a commercial vehicle you may also make a claim against the commercial policy of that business.

Some homeowners’ insurance policies contain exclusions based on dog breed. However, dog bites and insurance policies don’t contain such exclusions.

Why do dogs bite in cars and trucks bit people who walk within fang distance? Some jurors will say dogs are protecting their territory. Does a dog protecting its territory justify you being bit in the face?  The truth is that any dog which bites without provocation is vicious.  If you disagree with this opinion then I submit that the owner is negligent for failure to train the dog and here the dog owner created a dangerous condition by putting the public in harm. In other words, the dog owner’s conduct caused the dog bite by creating an unreasonable risk of harm.

Three things to remember: Firstly, careful when you walk by a car or truck with a dog in it. Secondly, some biting dogs are silent and don’t give a bark warning. Thirdly, in these instances dog bites are covered by car insurance policies.