Dog Bite Related Fatalities – DBRF

Dog Bite Related Fatalities – DBRF is the acronym describing people who are killed by dogs.

Notwithstanding, in many cases the media and PETA promote the legal rights of dogs over children and pet ownership is a big business. Indeed a vet visit costs as much or more than a visit to your doctor.  But what about Dog Bite Related Fatalities – DBRF and the legal rights of families whose loved ones are killed by dogs. Does society value dogs more than our children? Is child safety more important than dog ownership rights? For your consideration, the ugly truth and sobering reality about man’s best friend. Dog Bite Related Fatalities – DBRF to the innocent and weak; our children & elderly killed by dogs.

Dog Bite Related Fatalities – DBRF.

A responsible citizenry is necessary to expose and punish the existence of dangerous dogs and their keepers in our communities to make safe and protect our infants, children, handicapped and elderly by elimination of this real threat; Dog Bite Related Fatalities – DBRF. proposes modifications to the “Dangerous Dog” or “Potentially Dangerous Dog” statutes which give discretion to California animal control authorities to make such findings. Instead, it is proposed that the public also be given the legal standing to file the dangerous dog petition and potentially dangerous dog petitions in the superior court. Also it is proposed that one dog bite instead of two dog bites fact findings result in potentially dangerous dogs and judicial discretion in applying the penalties.

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