Dog Bite Fact Points: is a law office that litigates dog bite lawsuits and over the years we have culled certain dog bite fact points which may be instructive On the internet since 1999 and in business since 1988, we have represented numerous client injured by dogs. Over the years, patterns of behaviors in dogs, dog owners, insurance companies and the C.D.C. have provided the following facts points based on dog bite data. The statement made in a news report, Your Dog Bite Story “Breed is not an indicator of whether a dog is likely to bite. What’s a better indicator is the relationship between the dog and its owner,” said Jacque Smith, humane society spokesperson.”. Is the most ridiculous and irresponsible thing a non-scientist can say.” The following points are bases on raw scientific data and this office’s experience.

Did you know!

Dog Bite Fact Point (1) Postal workers, package couriers and meter readers make up 30% of all dog attacks

Dog Bite Fact Point (2) ttle girls are bitten more on the face than little boys.

Dog Bite Fact Point (3) Dogs kill more children than adults.

Dog Bite Fact Point (4) Dogs attack most often in the Spring.

Dog Bite Fact Point (5) More fatal dog attacks occur in the spring and summer months. Most of these victims are children. So be prepared.

Dog Bite Fact Point (6) The average homeowner falsely believes that reporting a dog bite to their insurance carrier will cause their premiums to go up. UNTRUE

Dog Bite Fact Point (7) Often times, an insurance carrier will tell attack victims that if the culprit dog belongs to a relative or parent that it is a family matter and the insurance company is not responsible. UNTRUE

Dog Bite Fact Point (8) Many child attack victims are cheated out of millions of dollars each year because parents refuse to file claims for their children.

Dog Bite Fact Point (9) At the age of majority, a child would have legal standing to bring suit against a parent(s) who were negligent in child supervision.

Dog Bite Fact Point (10) Insurance companies place more value on a girl’s claim in which scaring is an issue, than on a boy’s claim.

Dog Bite Fact Point (11) The older the victim, the less value an insurance company places on a claim for scaring.

Dog Bite Fact Point (12) More times than not, victims who attempt negotiations with an insurance carrier without an attorney are usually offered about 10% of the claim’s true value.

Dog Bite Fact Point (13) Pit Bulls Terriers and Pit Bull cross-breeds are far and away the biggest single breed of offenders and killers. Rottweilers rank second; killer bees third; and Bull Mastiffs rank fourth.

Dog Bite Fact Point (14) A 66.8% of parents do not pursue legal remedies for an attack on a child because they believe there may be a high probability that the child may be deposed or cross examined. Most claims are settled out of court.

Dog Bite Fact Point (15) A 31.2% probability exists that an insurance carrier will tell the parents of a child victim that the child must reach the age of majority in order to collect the full policy limits.

Dog Bite Fact Point (16) A 100% probability exists that of these people without an attorney, who wait until the child reaches majority, they will receive an offer of about 10% of the true value of the claim.

Dog Bite Fact Point (17) A 75% probability exists that people who raise dogs to be protective house guardians are the dogs that attack children which are at large.

Dog Bite Fact Point (18) People are told by insurance companies that if you are separated or divorced and your child is bit at your ex-spouse residence you do not have a claim. UNTRUE.

Dog Bite Fact Point (19) People are told by insurance companies that if you come to the rescue of your pet that you are liable for your own injuries. UNTRUE.

Dog Bite Fact Point (20) It is unlawful after a dog attack not to provide your Identification and verification that the attacking dog has been inoculated against the rabies virus and other blood diseases.

Dog Bite Fact Point (21) Many people reinforce their dog’s aggressive behavior by rewarding or praising them with “Good Boy” every time they bark at a knock at the door.

Dog Bite Fact Point (22) Pit bull DNA contains a hunter-killer specified gene sequence, hunter-killer see appears more often in Pit Bulls than other breed. They Kill for sport and not food. See bottom of page.

Dog Bite Fact Point (23) Dogs which chase bicycles, cars, skaters is a common trait found in culprit dogs in catastrophic injury cases.

Dog Bite Fact Point (24) People are told by insurance companies that a dog gets one free bite. UNTRUE

Dog Bite Fact Point (25) 31 states and local governments are adding dog bite statutes and passing dog breed specific legislation.

Dog Bite Fact Point (26) Just because a dog is inoculated does not guarantee a proper inoculation. expired and old vaccinations are definitely a problem.

Dog Bite Fact Point (27) To properly diagnosis a dog for rabies its head must be sent to a lab for testing.

Dog Bite Fact Point (28) Insurance companies are increasingly writing policies excluding coverage for dog bites.

Dog Bite Fact Point (29) The 10 day quarantine for a dog is an arbitrary number. Rabies may appear years later.

Dog Bite Fact Point (30) Medical literature have identified up to 152 types of bacterium in a dog’s mouth. Dogs do not have clean mouths.

Dog Bite Fact Point (31) Rabies vaccinations are not available at all Emergency Departments.

Dog Bite Fact Point (32) A small bite to one child; a warning for a catastrophic type bite to the same victim or another child.

Dog Bite Fact Point (33) An infected dog bite may result in needed skin grafts.

Dog Bite Fact Point (34) Lip bites always cause permanent scar defects.

Dog Bite Fact Point (35) Most dog owners become combative toward the victim after an attack.

Dog Bite Fact Point (36) Some local government are regulating dogs based on their size. It is unlawful to own a Pit Bull in the city limits of Denver.

Dog Bite Fact Point (37) It is negligence to leave a child unattended in the presence of a strange dog. The parent can be charged. And the list goes on and on.