Dog Bite Complaints & Damages

Dog Bite complaints & damages should include the types of damages listed here:

  • medical expenses in the past and future;
  • physical pain in the past and future;
  • mental anguish in the past and future;
  • disfigurement in the past and future;
  • physical impairment in the past and future; and
  • loss of earning capacity in the past and future.

Medical expenses are bills incurred and future bills. A doctor’s opinion should be offered into evidence as to what the future bills will amount to and that the bills are reasonable and necessary and that it is more probable than not that the injuries were caused by the dog bite.

Physical pain is sometimes referred to as pain and suffering. It is a general damage claim, not an incurred bill.

Disfigurement is a damage component for permanent scarring or temporary scarring and handicapped type injuries.

An example of physical impairment would be loss of vision or a percentage loss of your hand. Here, a good way to establish and argue this type of damage is to use workers compensation schedules.

Mental anguish is arguably also pain and suffering but may also include a damage component for emotional distress such as a mother eye witnessing her child maimed by a vicious dog.

Loss of earning capacity is a different type of damage than loss of wages. It refers to a potential loss of earnings because of some physical impairment. An expert witness is best to prove this type of damage.

Dog Bite complaints & damages should also contain a prayer demanding the following types of damages:

  • actual damages
  • exemplary damages
  • costs of court
  • pre-judgment and post-judgment interest as allowed by law
  • and all other relief the Court deems appropriate at law or in equity.

As an example, actual damages are damages such as incurred medical bills, loss wages and out of pocket expenses.

Exemplary damages are punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded to punish the conduct of the defendant and not to compensate the plaintiff. An example of an exemplary damages in dog bite complaints are allegations such as a dog owner who commands his dog to attack the victim.

Interest is determined by state statute.

Identify the types of damages you sustained from a dog bite attack and support your complaint with expert testimony and documentation.