Dog Bite Attorneys: I Am A Dog, Beware My Fangs!

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Written By Bruce Thabit

Bruce Thabit is the owner of and has counseled numerous dog bite victims and their families. A recognized authority on dog bite law. A skilled, knowledgeable, experienced civil litigator since 1988. Call toll free number for free consult: Telephone: 1-844-444-0449.

Date September 21, 2016

Dog Bite Attorneys: What is a Dog Bite?

Calling all dog bite attorneys, a dog bite just isn’t fangs in flesh but can be any dogbite that causes an injury even if the fangs never touch the skin.

For example you’re standing on your ladder in your yard picking fruit out of a tree minding your own business. Your neighbor’s large dog is loose and it comes into your yard and tries to bite you, but it misses your ankle and bites the ladder with its teeth, however, the force of the dog bite attack causes you to fall off the ladder injuring your body. This would qualify as a dog bite under the California Dog Bite Statute according to a published California state court opinion. I give props to the dog bite attorneys who were involved in this published case.

In another insurance a dog bites your clothes and causes you to fall down and sustain personal injury. It follows that this also qualifies as a dog bite under the California dog bite statute according to knowledgeable dog bite attorneys.

Another example is a dog which bites a bicycle wheel as you are riding a bike and causes you to fall and be injured.

Now this is an interesting example on causation. What if a dog bites another dog which causes that dog to bite you? How is that? Let me explain, a factual scenario which is not unusual. You are walking your pet dog. Another dog which is off leash attacks your dog and you pick up your dog in your arms. As you are picking up your dog, your dog is bit by the attacking dog and your dog bites you as it is bit by this attacking dog arguably trying to protect itself. I submit to you this is actionable under the dog bite statute since the dog bite from the attacking dog caused your dog to bite you.

Playwright William Shakespeare (not a dog bite attorney 🙂 who scripted “The Merchants of Venice” wrote, “I am a dog, beware my fangs.” I think it illustrative of that poem, “A rose is a rose is a rose.” Here, “A bite, is a bite, is a bite.”

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